Attorney Brand Development

For the law firm or attorney looking to stand out from the crowd having a sharply defined brand and properly crafted marketing campaign is a must. These days, every attorney needs to be a rainmaker. Gone are the old days of business development. At Properly, we create business development opportunities where they didn’t exist. And we do so Properly – within the ethical confines of a practicing attorney or law firm.

We will first look at your brand. Is there a disconnect between how you perceive yourself / your law firm versus how your potential audience sees you? Without this alignment, your marketing efforts will not be as effective, meaning you will be spending money fruitlessly. Let us help you align your brand and watch your practice soar.


We have been in the legal marketing world for over a decade. Our CMO is a California-licensed attorney. We challenge you to find a legal marketing firm who understands the legal space like Properly. We will work with you to create an ethical, effective marketing strategy that ensures financial growth, thought leadership, and brand awareness.

Looking to differentiate yourself and land quality leads but don’t know where to begin? Give our legal marketing experts a call.

Public Relations

Trying a big case? Looking to further establish yourself as the thought leader in your practice area?

Want to drive leads to your practice with the buzz our team of PR professionals will create? Give us a call.

The PR gurus at WebPresence, Esq. have that unique combination of public relations experience and legal industry knowledge necessary to manage and enhance your public image. Our client’s PR campaigns result in local and national media exposure, a powerful tool the WebPresence, Esq. PR team uses to raise the visibility and credibility of the attorneys we represent.

Media Placements Include

  • NBC News
  • ABC News
  • CBS News
  • TMZ
  • Riviera Magazine
  • Bloomberg
  • LA Times
  • Daily Journal
  • California Journal
  • The Recorder
  • New Matter
  • Corporate Financier
  • Law360

Social Media Marketing

Whether you are interested in connecting with potential clients, new referral sources, or members of the media, a strong social media campaign will get you there.  We will work with you to create a customized online marketing campaign unique to your specific needs. Talking head? Lead generation? New business opportunities? We ‘ve got you [socially] covered.

Content Creation

Whether you are looking to publish articles in local and national publications or expand your SEO campaign with blog posts, our attorney writers will draft quality content on your behalf. Ideally, you don’t have time to write blog posts and articles – you’re busy practicing law. Yet you recognize that your content needs to sound professional, intelligent, and polished (while also being SEO friendly if needed). Trust our experienced attorneys to write content you are proud to have your name on.

Online Reputation Management

With anyone being able to take to the internet to vent about an attorney (truth or not), managing your online reputation is no longer a luxury, it’s a must. And one negative review on a popular online review site can destroy an attorney’s reputation.

At Properly Media, we understand the necessity in maintaining a sterling reputation. Whether you need to repair damage to your online reputation or are interested in taking the proactive approach of protecting it, we will create an effective strategy that put your name back in good standing. And if that means sending a cease and desist letter or two, we’re happy to oblige (once an attorney, always an attorney…).


In need of some inspiration on how to grow your practice? Give us a call. t’s not enough that lawyers show up at work each day. You need to spend time networking, online and off. From email newsletters to event attendance calendars, content calendars, and more, we can create a plan designed to take your practice to where you want it to be.
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